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Hae-sook Kim received her MFA from Hannam University and has, in recent years, set about creating images from photographs that are painstakingly cut out by hand to reveal the spaces between the spaces within her chosen imagery. Her images are dreamlike and reveal the hidden beauty of our chosen living domains.

작가 김해숙은 한남대학교에서 회화를 전공했고 미술학과 대학원을 졸업했다. 최근 몇 년간 사진 이미지를 이용하여 건물에 비춰진 다른 건물, 또는 도시 이미지를 주제로 작업하고 있다. 작가가 직접 손으로 잘라낸 이미지는 매우 섬세하고 몽환적이며 스쳐 지나칠 수 있는 주변 사물의 숨겨진 아름다움을 드러내고 있다. 

Visual Artist

Hae-Sook Kim      


115-27, Chungjeong-ro, Jayang-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea.

email :

mobile :  +82  10-3435-2194


1999 B.F.A. Fine Art Department, Hannam Univ. Daejeon.

2003 M.F.A. Graduate School of Art College, Hannam Univ. Daejeon


Solo Exhibitions

2015    Gallery D.A.C.   Daejeon

2014    Much is Taken ; Much Remains,   Gallery  Utda, Daejeon / Gallery Mill, Ilsan 

2006    Hyundae Gallery,   Daejeon

2002    I-gong Gallery,   Daejeon

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018   Re:imagine,   Gallery ArtAndArt,   Daejeon

2017   Writing Chinese in front of Confucius : a talentless showoff telling master how it’s done

           Chungcheongnam-do Provincial Office Gallery #3,   Daejeon

2016   ASYAAF & Hidden Artist Festival,    Dongdaemun Design Plaza,   Seoul

2016   You Don’t Know DJAC,   Chungcheongnam-do Provincial Office Gallery #1,2, Daejeon

2015   Daejeon Arts Collective Fall #8’,   Gallery Yuseong,   Daejeon

2015   Beyond the Fields We Know,    City Hall Gallery,   Daejeon

2014   Art & Craft,    Voda Art Center,    Daejeon

2014   People of Insa-dong,    Seokuong Gallery,    Seoul



2002   Daejeon  Art Grand Contest,    Daejeon Museum of Art,    Daejeon

2002   Bomun  Art Contest,    Joong-gu Culture Center,    Daejeon

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